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Trauma-Informed Leadership and Workplace

The Power of 3 Framework: The Fundamental Building Blocks to a Trauma-Informed Leader, Workforce and Workplace


The Power of 3 framework is grounded in a set of national trauma-informed workplace standards with a Do No Harm lens interwoven throughout a leader's decision-making process. Trauma-informed leadership is actualized when leaders and supervisors acknowledge how their own social and emotional needs and experiences influence the way they interact, communicate, influence, and engage with anyone who has an interest in their success, the success of others and the success of their organization.    


Changing the Paradigm

We form paradigms through a set of concepts we accept and the actions we decide to take and do it repeatedly. Today’s organizations have been repeating and rewarding employees using the same old motivation models such as Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Method. It’s time for a paradigm change.


Creating a paradigm shift in your organization requires a fundamental change in your company’s values, leadership styles, systems, and actions over a period of time. The Power of 3 framework assists leaders and their workforce to:

  • better understand what a trauma-informed workplace is

  • assess and engage their workforce to better understand the current employee experiences and standards of trauma informed practices- over time

  • Identify internal influencers and train them to be culture ambassadors for the organization

  • Develop, implement, and evaluate a horizontal and vertical designed workplan

Watch my TEDxJacksonville Talk. Afterwards, think of the workplace you currently lead or work for. Review the questions below to assess how trauma-informed your organization is. Make a mental note each time you answer yes to the following six questions.


Is this workplace:

  1. Emotionally safe?

  2. Transparent about major decisions?

  3. Collaborative with staff at all levels?

  4. Cognizant of the impacts of racial trauma, discrimination, and culture impact experiences at work?

Does this workplace

  1. Acknowledge and give space to staff’s trauma?

  2. Ensure staff have a voice within the organization?

If you answered yes to three or fewer of these questions, your workplace may need a reset.  

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