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I learned a long time ago [and was recently reminded again] how important it is to have a life and persona outside of my work. I recently asked an executive I was coaching, "What are your hobbies?" They paused and said, "I don't really have any", followed by a big sigh. In addition to helping maintain work-life balance, discovering and committing to a hobby shows the world the "entire you", not just a piece of you. For me, it's photography.

Photography provides me a sense of balance, vision, happiness and joy. The creativity helps me be a better leader as well. I'm sharing my pictures with you- on my consulting website- to bring you a portrait of the whole me, to bring you joy and to inspire more people like you to push away from their desks & explore the world through a very different life-lens. Tell me which photo you like by hovering and clicking on the  

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