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Leadership Uncensored was inspired by people who have shared their stories and emails with me over the years about the challenges, heartbreak and rewards of leadership. Bottom line? It's really hard! We often see, read and listen to thought leaders discuss the "10 most important qualities of a leader" or "Top 5 ways to motivate staff". Inspiring? Yes. Realistic to operationalize? Maybe. Relatable? Not really. 


We rarely see, read or discuss the real life / behind the certain leadership experiences. When aspiring and emerging leaders see, read and learn how even seasoned leaders lose their balance and recover, it humanizes the struggle, it places vulnerability and empathy right in the middle of the room and we emotionally connect to it. Leadership Uncensored strips away the pretentiousness and openly discusses the good, the bad, the funny, the ugly, the lessons, the failures, the tears, the embarrassments and of course, the rewards of leadership.

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