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Leadership Training

Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

1 million trauma-informed leaders in 10 years

Dr. Dawn Emerick and experts from the field facilitate leaders through introductory to advanced, interwoven concepts of Mental Health First Aid and her trademarked 3^3 The Power of 3.


These virtual workshops set out to develop and certify emerging and seasoned supervisors, managers, leaders, coaches and consultants into trauma-informed leaders.


  • Introduction to Trauma-Informed Leadership and Workplace

    • What is trauma-informed leadership?

    • Assessing, executing, modeling, and measuring the 3^3: The Power of 3 trauma-informed leadership and organizational design concepts. 

    • The importance of doing the personal work


  • Power of 3 Deep Dive

    • Deeper dive into the 3^3: The Power of 3 

    • Trauma and attachment theory

    • The neuroscience behind trauma, brain fog and learning theory

    • Leadership styles

    • Basics of organizational design and behavior 

    • Trauma-informed change management

    • How to move past resistance and barriers to change

    • So what?: Pulling it all together

What Attendees Are Saying

Bryanna T.

I would definitely suggest this to any and everyone. This was a great course that I think all leaders and or employers should have to become a part of these days ... I will be visiting Ms. Dawns website to find more training on this and I have intentions of somehow asking her what I can do to get the word out and try and help her reach that goal of hers by 2031.  

Kerry D., MD

Crucial topic to address in our current workplace climate. It is refreshing to see that training in trauma-informed leadership is becoming more accessible.

Stacey S., PSPO, CSM, PSM 

Just finished the course “Become a Trauma Informed Leader.” Dawn Emerick's material is remarkably current and relevant, touching upon the aftermath of the global pandemic, the great resignation, and the impacts of ongoing national racial and gender inequality/unrest. Highly recommend.

Brittany G. M.Ed

I was so thankful to have taken this course. I came into this course with decent background knowledge of trauma. I felt that the course was a highly valuable learning experience.
Dawn’s course teaches how to develop and apply trauma informed practices to support the mental health & wellbeing of yourself & others.
I highly recommend it!

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