Leadership Training

Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

1 million trauma-informed leaders in 10 years

Dr. Dawn Emerick and experts from the field facilitate leaders through introductory to advanced, interwoven concepts of Mental Health First Aid and her trademarked 3^3 The Power of 3.


These virtual and in-person trainings set out to develop and certify emerging and seasoned supervisors, managers, leaders, coaches and consultants into trauma-informed leaders.


  • Introduction to Trauma-Informed Leadership and Healing 

    • What is trauma-informed leadership?

    • Assessing, executing, modeling, and measuring the 3^3: The Power of 3 trauma-informed leadership and organizational design concepts. 

    • The importance of doing the personal work


  • Level 1 Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

    • Deeper dive into the 3^3: The Power of 3 

    • Trauma and attachment theory

    • The neuroscience behind trauma, brain fog and learning theory

    • Leadership styles

    • Basics of organizational design and behavior 

    • Trauma-informed change management

    • How to move past resistance and barriers to change

    • So what?: Pulling it all together