Change Management 

Project Consulting

Leading dynamic organizations through change is already difficult but it’s even harder to launch an organizational-wide change effort when navigating through disclosed or undisclosed trauma experienced by staff. Asking organizations with high collective levels of personal trauma to take on high-stakes, transformational change may increase staff resistance, dissension, burnout, secondary traumatic stress and vicarious trauma, resignations or overall apathy to any new organizational projects. Using Change Ambassadors, my unique Trauma-Informed Change Management framework addresses the four critical stages of change, identifies and mitigates risks and barriers associated with moving the organization and individuals from their current state to the future state, identifies and manages trauma triggers throughout the change lifecycle and reinforces the future state while minimizing secondary trauma. 

Trauma Informed Change Ambassador


Training is imperative. Secondary and vicarious trauma may occur without professional guidance and training. 

Dawn Emerick Consulting, in partnership with Opus Peace, the country's foremost expert on Soul Injury, facilitate Change Ambassadors through interwoven concepts of change theory, organizational design, change management, resistance and barriers to change, emotional intelligence, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Soul Injury and loss. Our partnership prepare Change Ambassadors to effectively support employees throughout the entire change process using a trauma-informed lens.