Trauma-Informed Leadership Keynote Speaker

America's leaders are in crisis

America's leaders are in the midst of a trauma tsunami, one exacerbated by COVID-19, race and social justice, political division and economic downturn which has impacted each member of the workforce in unique ways. We need a new radical leadership paradigm, one that starts with all of us demanding a psychologically safe workplace with a focus on each employee’s fundamental human needs.

Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

1 million trauma-informed leaders in 10 years

Dr. Dawn Emerick and experts from the field facilitate leaders through introductory to advanced, interwoven concepts of trauma and the brain, trauma-informed leadership principles, attachment theory, learning theory, organizational design, PTSD and CTSD, styles of leadership and theory, power, change management, resistance and barriers to change, and emotional intelligence.


These virtual and in-person trainings set out to develop and certify emerging and seasoned supervisors, managers, leaders, coaches and consultants into trauma-informed leaders.


  • Introduction to Trauma-Informed Leadership and Healing 

  • Level 1 Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

  • Master Level Trauma-Informed Leadership Certificate

Trauma-Informed Leadership Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching

America is on a collision course between high levels of anxiety and the continued practice of authoritative styles of leadership in the workplace. Leading dynamic organizations is already difficult.  It's even harder to be productive when navigating through the effects of our personal trauma we bring into the workplace.  

My customizable, one-on-one executive coaching approach provides new and seasoned executives a safe, judgment-free, and confidential space to:  

  • Practice being a trauma-informed leader 

  • Listen 

  • Problem Solve

  • Set Goals 

  • Provide Feedback​

Trauma-Informed Leadership Retreat

Awakened: Emerging Leader Retreat for Women

Leading people is a responsibility, not an entitlement. You are not entitled to lead just because you occupy a leadership position, have a coaching certification or because you've been with an organization for more than 10 years.  Leading people effectively and creating thriving working environments requires a continuous journey of deep and sometimes difficult personal development, reflection and healing, not just the use of "quick and easy" tools, personality type assessments or implicit bias workshops.


Trauma-informed leadership begins with you.

The Awakened,  3-Day Emerging Leader Retreat for Women is for first time supervisors, managers, leaders, and coaches.  Across a span of three days, this small cohort of 8 women will practice connecting, understanding, reflecting, discussing and trusting each other and learn from experts in the field of:

  • neuroscience and learning​

  • trauma and attachment

  • healing modalities 

  • nutrition

  • sleep deprivation

  • trauma-informed leadership and change management 

At the end of the retreat,  cohort participants will be able to apply and practice healing modalities, an approach for personal and executive wellness, and a blueprint for creating a trauma-informed organization.