Trauma-Informed Leadership+ Workplace

What is trauma-informed leadership? 


Trauma-informed leadership is a leadership approach by which the leader acknowledges how their own social and emotional experiences influence the way they interact, communicate, influence and engage anyone who has an interest in the success of themselves, of others and their organization.  A trauma-informed leader understands the importance of assessing, executing, modeling and measuring the  3 ^ 3 The Power of 3  organizational design concepts. 

We are on a collision-course between high levels of trauma and an ill prepared workplace.


Leading dynamic organizations is already difficult. It's even harder to be productive when navigating through the effects of the personal trauma we all bring into the workplace. Employers are essential partners within the trauma-informed system, but are often excluded from these important conversations, leaving most businesses unprepared for the impending trauma-tsunami entering their businesses.


Do you know how to recognize signs of depression or suicide ideation? Do you know how to tell the difference between burnout and depression? Is your organization’s culture causing staff to resist change or even resign? Are you experiencing your own stress responses at work because of your unresolved trauma and attachment disorder? Is your leadership style triggering employee fight, flight, freeze, fawn responses?


Watch Dr. Emerick's TEDxJacksonville Talk. Afterwards, think of the workplace you currently lead or work for. Review the questions below to assess how trauma-informed your organization is. Make a mental note each time you answer yes to the following six questions.


Is this workplace:

  1. Emotionally safe?

  2. Transparent about major decisions?

  3. Collaborative with staff at all levels?

  4. Cognizant of the impacts of racial trauma, discrimination, and culture impact experiences at work?

Does this workplace

  1. Acknowledge and give space to staff’s trauma?

  2. Ensure staff have a voice within the organization?

If you answered yes to three or fewer of these questions, your workplace may need a reset. Click below to schedule your call and we can start the process together. 

What I Specialize In

Meet Dawn

LinkedIn Learning Instructor

2021 TEDx Jacksonville Speaker

Prosci® Certified Change Management Practitioner

Certified Mental Health First Aid

Dr. Dawn Emerick is a speaker, trainer and coach and now add a LinkedIn Learning instructor and  TEDx Jacksonville speaker to her portfolio. Over a span of 25 years, she crafted her leadership, organizational development and engagement skills at various private, government, and non-profit organizations in Florida, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and Texas.

Her evidence-based, Trauma-Informed Leadership & Change Management framework has attracted interest from human resource professionals, trauma-informed training organizations, change management associations, consultants, and national conferences all across the United States.


Client and Partner List

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“Dawn is a strong leader who is innovative and strategic in the work she does. She is intentional with her decisions and works to move programs/systems forward rather than allowing the “this is how we have always done it” mentality to persist. She has very strong leadership skills that allow for others around her to be better leaders. She is fearless in her leadership and drives other around her to also be so.”

- Dannielle Brown

Behavioral Health Deputy Director, Benton County Health Department

“Dawn is a shining star; a source of inspiration and a fountain of innovation... Dawn brings dynamic energy to her work and her leadership approach. Her internal compass points towards lifting people up. She is willing and capable of navigating even the biggest lifts - from government reform, to creating healthy communities through outreach and collaboration, and still consistently making time to lift her team and its individual members. Working with Dawn is always exciting and inspiring. She aims to make a difference and she hits the target.”

- Jose Zayas


“Dr. Emerick is an innovative leader who works tirelessly to make teams and situations better. On a professional level, she is a critical thinker and thorough, and on a personal level she is thoughtful, kind and loyal. I know Dr. Emerick will be a great addition to any team she is a part of in the future.”

- Paul Jimenez

Chief of Staff at San Antonio City Council, District 10

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