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Leading people is a responsibility, not an entitlement. You are not entitled to lead just because you occupy a leadership position, have a coaching certification or because you've been with an organization for more than 10 years.  Leading people effectively and creating thriving working environments requires a continuous journey of deep and sometimes difficult personal development, reflection and healing, not just the use of "quick and easy" tools, personality type assessments or implicit bias workshops.


Trauma-informed leadership begins with you.

The AWAKENED,  3-Day High Potential Executive Leadership Retreat is for women preparing for their first supervisor, manager, leadership position. Across a span of three days, this small cohort of 8 women will practice connecting, understanding, reflecting, discussing and trusting each other and learn from experts in the field of:

  • neuroscience and learning​

  • trauma and attachment

  • healing modalities

  • nutrition

  • sleep deprivation

  • trauma-informed leadership and change management

  • Permission to use Dr. Emerick's validated and licensed [pending] Change, Trust and Leadership survey tool

At the end of the retreat,  cohort participants will be able to apply and practice healing modalities, an approach for personal and executive wellness, and a blueprint for creating a trauma-informed organization.

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