• Dawn Emerick

Iron Fists Eventually Rust by Dawn Emerick

In this episode of Leadership Uncensored, I spoke with Kathryn Thomas from Yoga For Change and Dr. Jarik Conrad from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) about the idea of emotional intelligence and trauma-informed leadership. This episode allows Kathryn to talk about how we can address trauma with individuals and in the workplace. Simultaneously, Dr. Conrad discusses his journey through emotional intelligence and how it became his foundation for his personal and professional life.

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others. Being aware of how our emotions drive our behaviors and impact people positively and negatively, and how those emotions are managed. Trauma-informed leadership looks at our emotional intelligence and our experiences, and how we bring them into the workplace. It dives into how we respond according to the extent of our emotional scars, trauma, and emotional strengths.

As the podcast continues, we give personal antidotes and tell engaging stories about how both topics have played significant roles in our lives and careers. We also discuss many great tactics and tips for how each of us can delve deeper into how we are handling emotional intelligence in our own lives and careers.

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Currently located in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Emerick has over 30 years of health education and administration experience. Dawn currently serves as a podcast host, transformational leader, consultant, and a system-thinker who partners with teams to find innovative solutions to their problems. Dawn has crafted her leadership and organizational development skills at various private, government, and non-profit organizations. To learn more about Dawn and how she can help your company thrive, please visit her website at Dawn Emerick Consulting