Season 2

Organizational politics are normal organization attributes and navigating internal politics is a necessary leadership skill for selling ideas and influencing others with diverse interests without compromising your integrity or the organization’s values. There is evidence that if used skillfully and transparently, organizational politics can assist leaders in negotiating difficult workplace situations and advancing strategy. On the other hand, a leader’s inability to navigate the political “system”, the dirty power plays and the constant undermining of colleagues and subordinates for personal gain, can make or break their career. 


Join us for the next Leadership Uncensored as we explore the Dark Underbelly of Organizational Politics. Three expert leaders will share their own dysfunctional political encounters, discuss [submitted] “stories from the field” and provide wisdom to both seasoned and aspiring leaders. 

Shailushi Baxie Ritchie, Founder & CEO

Sevah Consulting

Chicago, Illinois 

Arthur Padilla, Senior Managing Partner

Strategy Works

Federal Way, Washington

Rob Meiksins, Co-Founder, Board President, & Facilitator 

Nonprofit Academy of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin