Leadership Training

Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

1 million trauma-informed leaders in 10 years

Dr. Dawn Emerick and experts from the field facilitate leaders through introductory to advanced, interwoven concepts of Mental Health First Aid, trauma and the brain, trauma-informed leadership principles, attachment theory, learning theory, organizational design, PTSD and CTSD, styles of leadership and theory, power, change management, resistance and barriers to change, and emotional intelligence.


These virtual and in-person trainings set out to develop and certify emerging and seasoned supervisors, managers, leaders, coaches and consultants into trauma-informed leaders.


  • STEP 1: Introduction to Trauma-Informed Leadership and Healing 

    • The six principles that serve as the foundation for trauma informed leadership and organizations

    • The importance of doing the personal work

    • The basic concepts of mindfulness and healing

  • STEP 2: Level 1 Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

    • Trauma and the brain

    • Attachment theory

    • Six trauma-informed leadership principles

    • Learning theory

    • Basics of organizational design

    • Psychological safety

    • PTSD and CTSD

    • Styles of leadership and power

    • Change management

    • Resistance and barriers to change

  • STEP 3: Master Level Trauma-Informed Leadership and Mental Health First Aid Certificate(s) 

    • Mental Health First Aid Certificate

    • The Neuroscience of Leadership

    • Six Principles of Trauma Informed Leadership

    • Incorporating Mindfulness and Healing Modalities into the Workplace

    • Reimagining Organizational Wellness

    • Designing a Trauma-Informed Organization

    • Permission to use Dr. Emerick's validated and licensed [pending] Change, Trust and Leadership survey tool

    • Mental Health and Employment Law

    • Trauma-Informed Quality Improvement

    • Trauma-Informed Change Management

    • Trauma-Informed Conflict Resolution

    • Successful Passing of End of Course Exam

  • STEP 4: Train the Trainer (Successful completion of STEPS 2-3 )